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What happens with the cdj-3000 stock in stores? Why do they give such long waiting times? Is it Asian problem? When will the stock problem be corrected? We would like to know what Pioneer says about it and an explanation for those who do not find units in stock.


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We share and understand your frustration as there are many simultaneous issues that are contributing to global stock shortages of our products.

The combination of a global chip shortage, Covid-related factory closings in Asia, and massive freight and shipping delays, including at U.S. ports, have created months-long backorders. Everything from our DJ products to washing machines and automobiles has been impacted.

While we cannot speak about specific Pioneer DJ models, we are working overtime to get our products to loyal customers such as yourself as soon as possible. We appreciate your business and patience.


Products are shipping and gear is making it to dealers, but we can not specifically say when things will change.  We are doing all we can to get the gear into your hands.


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Thanks for your quick response.

Perfect. The doubt we had has been clarified.

Just one more question...

If we order a pair of CDJ-3000s today at any of your authorized dealers, assuming we are the first on the waiting list, what would be the approximate waiting time?

Thank you and greetings.

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Sorry, but we don't have shipping or stock times available; please contact your dealer for their estimates.

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