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How come a CDJ 1000Mk3 / 2000 / NX2 CD player can do this and not a XDJ (STILL)?

I own both NX2 and XDJ RX2

So i was dabbling with my NX2's and something funny turned up.

I know i have done this in the past but somehow forgot all about it, until i played some music on cd's 

How come that a basic CDJ 1000 Mk3 can manage to keep 3 independently hot-cues on a cd (One hotcue for each track)

NXS2 can manage 4 independent hot-cues.

I don't know about you, but i sure would want that feature in a XDJ, cause then i could easily manage with two channels and still use Acapellas, EFX and other tracks instead of hooking up a third or even a fourth deck. (LESS IS MORE)

Imagine to be able to select 8 tracks via Rekordbox with Waveform analysed and put 1 hot-cue in each of them and play them in different order. That would make it simple to do live mashups and quickmixes like never before.

A basic CDJ 1000Mk3 can do this from 2001 but not a XDJ (XX) from 2022 / 23?

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The newer players can do this - Hot Cue Bank. Create them in rekordbox, then export and load on the player. ;)

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But you can not do this on the fly without a computer like on NXS 2 with a cd player, correct?

Then that mode is moot, as i seldom prearrange my sets, i play off my head and jump between playlists.

I would k*ll for a feature where you could put one track (On the fly) on each hotcue. Making it possible to jump between 16 tracks with a push of a button!

So not even a machine like CDJ 3000 with dual processors can not do this without Rekordbox involvement?

Thanx though for the reply Pulse, appreciate it 👍

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