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Pioneer Rep question - Auto BPM on analog vinyl on DJM S11

Hi Pioneer peeps, 


So it's well known that the auto-bpm for analog vinyl isn't functioning the best.. Can that be resolved in a future firmware update and is it on the list of things to fix with the S11? If not I hope so. When it gets it right it's great, but too often it doesn't. Theres an Android app called Live BPM that can listen to playing audio and accurately tell you the bpm, so I know the programming for something like that on the mixer is indeed possible. Hopefully it get fixed in the next firmware update. Either way I'm loving the mixer and very happy with my purchase. Peace!

DeeJae GodsOwn

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i'm 100% with you!
i'm using the s11 with TT 1210 or SC6000m and the auto bpm is horrible. is there an auto bpm? because no matter what i play, it always tells me that im playing in 120bpm.... hmm... and the rest of the mixer is also not really good for DJs, who dont spin with Serato or RB all the time. What about all the effects? Can't belive that...

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