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Top row of pads on left side won't load samples in Scratch Bank mode.

Just got the s7 and loaded some scratch samples into the bank. Weird thing is that all the samples show up on the right set of pads but on the left set of pads only the bottom row are lit and accessible. It’s as if there are no samples loaded on the top row. I tried loading samples in other banks and it’s the same thing. I noticed that when I eject all the samples the top left row is lightly lit almost as if it’s by design that I’m not supposed to access the top left rows in scratch bank mode. Now that I think about it, I think I have this same issue with the s11 too that i use at one of the clubs I play at.

I’m thinking maybe it’s just a glitch in the software so I connected to my rev7 and all my sample banks are there and accessible on the top row of the left pads so i don't think it's serato. I tried doing a factory reset but it didn't fix it. 

Any ideas?

James Lam

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Try opening the Serato preferences, click the MIDI tab, click the DJM in the top window, then un-check the "Allow Serato Hardware Remapping" box at the top, see if that works.

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