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Rekorbox vs airpod pro

Hi community, 

it seems that the airpod pro no longer works on rekordbox under Win 11 ?

Julien Martin001 Respondida

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Sorry, I'm not sure how you have it configured, but we do not recommend using Bluetooth devices for DJing due to the latency.

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I am using the airpod pro v2's and whilst they connect, they are really distorted when playing tunes in rekordbox, the issue is definitely with rekordbox as they work fine with everything else.

With regards to the "we do not recommend using Bluetooth devices for DJing due to the latency" response, please keep in mind that a lot of DJ's use Rekordbox to listen/sort/prepare folders/playlists in export mode so will want to use their bluetooth headphones to do this, it seems strange that Rekordbox would only support wired headphones in this day and age?

David 1 voto
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Sorry, again, we do not recommend Bluetooth devices for audio output. Any problems with them are not supported.

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