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DJM 2000, CDJ 2000nxs, Windows 10, Traktor recording

Hello, I have  a DJM 2000, 2 - CDJ 2000nxs decks, Windows 10, and Traktor. I originally had a Traktor Audio 6 connected to my setup, but since taken it off, because (silly me) I found out that I can connect my DJM to Traktor directly. So I pulled the Audio 6 off, and connected directly with my DJM 2000. I also decided to remove the standard RCA cables and have gone optical from the CDJs to the DJM (OMG the sound is like the gates of heaven opening up). Now I have been trying to get Traktor to see the DJM and CDJs so that I can record my mixes. It will not. I know that I am doing something wrong, and I need help with this. Is it because I need to have that Audio 6 connected. I am sending pics of the Traktor setup

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