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Huge memory cue issue with CDJ-2000NXS, pls help me :(

Hi yesterday i had an issue with some CDJ-2000NXS at a gig that really stunt me, 

When loading a song on the 2nd deck, the CDJ would delete all my memory cues without even touching anything, it would also change tracks when pressing the orange cue button and pause the beat entirely when arriving at a certain memory cue of the song I was playing. So, these issues happened all the time during my set, and it was only on the 2nd deck, not the other ones. 

I want to mention that I tried powering on and off the equipment and saw no change whatsoever. Changing USB port wasn't of help either. I also tried changing the USB key I was using, all being some 64GB ultra Sandisk USB 3.0 flash drive with one of them being completely new and formated just before the gig.  

This problem didn't occur on anything else I've played on before including normal CDJ-2000s and standalones. It really downed me as i couldn't play any of the productions i was working on for so long and i would like to know if there is a way to counterattack this issue if it happens to me again someday. 

Any help on the subject is graciously accepted, thanks a lot in advance to everyone. 



Matisse Ruel Respondida

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Hey Matisse,

That sounds like a massive CDJ failure; I'd recommend that the venue have that CDJ serviced. It's not something I've heard anyone report before, so I don't think it's something you need to "prepare for" so much as complain to the venue or organizer that their hardware has failed.

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