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XDJ RX3 Touch Screen is not Working

XDJ RX3 touch screen is not working. It started today - I'm not able to choose USB source on the screen ( i can choose using mechanical scrolling knob). I tried to update firmware v1.12 but it didn't help. I also tried to use "calibrate" mode but screen doesn't respond to touch.  This when I realized it's "touch screen issue".

Please assist with instructions how to make it work or replace. I have events aligned all summer.  

Denis Toporov

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I was able to find the root cause and also fix it. I tried to perform a close visual inspection of the screen and found a tiny dirt or plastic piece stuck on the very bottom of the screen under the plastic frame that covers the screen. I used a vacuum cleaner and soft brush to pick it up. After it was extracted from under the frame calibration started to work and succeeded. The piece was so tiny so I could not find it after. 

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