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poor response from platter in vinyl mode cdj3000

ok so when my players are both in vinyl mode i experience an issue with scratching and spin backs. some times it works and some times it seems to work as cdj mode but is in vinyl mode no matter how much pressure i apply to the platter. some times on one side of the platter it works and then doesn't on the other side of the platter (both decks)

i have eliminated an issue with sd card or usbs by using different ones and ive also disconnected  the ethernet and re started the player and problem still exists 

i have also reloaded the up to date firmware and still no joy 


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Pressing the platter harder will not work, as the detection is working in a capacitive way (a ring of touch sensors around the platter) on the CDJ 3000.

From what I can see, there is no way to adjust the touch sensitivity for the platter unfortunately.

Maybe someone else has an idea.

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