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DJM 750-K Freezing

Hello everyone, I have a DJM 750-K mixer that freezes. It turns on perfectly, but after a few moments of use, the screen where the milliseconds for the delay are flashing no longer flashes. The whole mixer freezes and I can't do anything. Even the LEDs of the VU-meters are blocked on a precise state. The sound doesn't come out of the table anymore either. Has anyone had this problem before? I would like to reflash the firmware but I can't find it on any website. Do you know where I can find it? Many thanks Maël

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I wouldn't recommend to re-flash the firmware in this case. If the mixer freezes in the middle of the flash process, chances are good that it is completely bricked then, making things worse and a repair more costly.

There are multiple possible issues causing your symtoms, I would send it in for repair.


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