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XDJ-XZ Freezing when browsing through music

Purchased this a couple of weeks ago. Already it has frozen up on me 5 times. Seems to happen when I'm browsing music on the unit, maybe 30min-1hr into a set. I'm not using a USB stick just direct to the computer via USB to USB C running Rekordbox.

firmware Ver 1.23

Connected to Macbook 
OS: Monterey 12.4
Processor: 2.2 GHz 6-Core Intel i7
Memory: 16GB 2400 DDR4

Version 6.6.3

When frozen the music still plays and can be controlled through Rekordbox ie play and stop etc. The unit itself is completely unresponsive and the screen is frozen in browse mode. When I press the power button on and off to reset it the unit stays on. Takes about three or four times of toggling the powere button for the unit to shut down.

Hopefully, I can get some help... have a gig at the end of the month.


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Hi mate. Heard a few things from new users of the XZ.

I'd recommend using Firmware 1.22 as it's been pretty solid for everyone including me as far as I can see.

1.22 Firmware has been removed from Pioneer's site (I don't know why, as 1.23 really isn't a clever firmware update causing more problems with WAV). You can get it from here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fnifzbvlqo4z66g/XDJXZ.UPD/file?fbclid=IwAR1W9qo_7le5ZNpVGPzcJxqAMUK2Aj4IqXT9e5mZ9uj1dp66RdNNc7JrryU

Add this one file onto a USB stick formatted in FAT32 and make sure nothing else is on it.


1. Press Reloop/Exit Button & Call X2 Button on Deck 2 and keep depressed while switching on unit.

2. Keep holding buttons down till unit fully loads up & tells you to insert usb stick in Port 1.

3. The Unit will now downgrade. After the downgrade has completed you will be told to remove usb stick and turn unit Off & Back On.

Next: Make sure you download all other drivers from Pioneer as needed here (paying attention to the model and software release of your computer):


You'll be good to go after that.

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