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XDJ XZ with 2 laptops

Hi, how can I setup XDJ-XZ to accept 2 laptops to be able to play B2B? I had a XDJ-SZ prior and this was a trivial task. When I upgraded to the XZ I didn't pay attention there was only one slot for USB from laptop...



Nicolas Schmitz

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I don't know if this is going to work but my only idea is that each DJ is to try DJing in the different modes:

Connect one laptop as normal round the back using the USB cable.

Use Rekordbox in Performance Mode, by pressing LINK button to the left of the XDJ-XZ screen.

2. EXPORT MODe (via Pro DJ link on Ethernet)
For the next DJ Connect the second laptop via an Ethernet Cable (laptop may need an adaptor these days)
- put Rekordbox into EXPORT Mode, wait about 5 seconds
- a button will appear at the bottom of the screen
- [ L I N K ] - press that!

The person using this option will essentially be treating their laptop as if it is a USB device, searching through the playlists but DJing using the screen of the XZ - not rekordbox. Rekordbox is sat there like a dummy device.

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Thank you. I fixed that with ethernet switch and export mode on both laptops. Works perfect!

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