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DDJ Rev 7 Power Issues (AGAIN)

I am on my second Rev-7 - having had to have returned the first one as out of the box it would not power on (a problem I have seen several others in the forum have).  Now, about two months into use on the second unit, and the power button is stuck - thank god in the ON position.  I don't understand how you guys can in good conscience roll out a $2k controller that seems to have all these issues.  Please let me know what you are going to do to make this right with me?  I am a full time professional DJ and multi op owner who (tries) to rely on this product several times a week - and these REPEATED issues cause me a great lack of confidence in your products - of which I have and presently do - own many.  The only thing more frustrating than the failures of the product itself has been the customer service I have received from you guys.  Thank god the store I purchased the first unit from just did a swap for me - because I was getting nowhere fast with you guys.  I understand labor and supply chain issue, but honestly, expect better from you guys.  Please help me resolve this.  I cannot and will not send the unit in to be looked at without first having a replacement unit.  My business which relies on WORKING DJ GEAR simply can't afford to be down a controller while you guys look at something as rudimentary as a power button.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this right.

Dennis Cawthorne

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