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XDJ-XZ Firmware update problem

Formatted my usb FAT32 copied the unzip file onto the usb. Plugged the usb drive into usb1 on the controller when the screen says "Connect USB storage device into top USB1 port". Nothing happens. 

Reason why I want to upgrade firmware is because lately my Macbook Pro with 32 ram / Monterey OS / Serato freezes. 

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Did you also format the drive to Master Boot Record? If you just formatted FAT32, you may have missed the other option. Make sure you click to show all devices:

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I have followed instructions above and formatted disk but on my macbook pro running Monterey 12.5.1 I dont get the option to do Fat 32 only Fat 

When trying to update xdjxz it immediatly says update completed yet my XDJ is still on v1.22

See video here 


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