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Link Issues 2 x CDJ2000NXS2 / DJM900NXS2

Hey All,

OK have got a really weird issue going on I am hoping someone can help with as I have tried everything and am seriously scratching my head here....


I am using Rekordbox 5 with my system using the link with a switch. I have a lot of music so like to use rekordbox for organising and searching music whilst playing my sets. Its nice to find what I want from the software then just drag it into the players from the laptop. Everything was working fine until a few weeks ago. I am now getting a couple of different error messages with the player/s going into emergency loop mode. One error message I have is E8309 which I read was a link failure message and another one I have also seen a few times is EMERGENCY LOOP (C1B1) Can not find anything online about that one.

The link will run fine from anything from 10 up to and no longer than 20 minutes - No good to man nor beast huh!

Anyways this is driving me nuts so this is what I have tried so far:

 - Bought new switch (Netgear GS105) - Same issue

 - Bought new CAT6 cables - Same issue

- Tried installing RB on my daughters macbook air and running it from that - Same issue

- My library is the last version of RB5. Installed RB6 - Same issue

- Took a few music folders and copied them onto a USB3 sandisk external pendrive (formatted to FAT32) did this as all my external drives are mac journaled so thought this was something else I could try, Saying that those drives have never given me issues in the past. I put them into the stick using the RB sync manager - Same issue

- Linking the players without the laptop to see what happens there - Issue doesnt happen.

So to address the last point first, I played the setup by just chucking my hard drive in the players top USB slot and linking the other player to that usb (still through the ethernet link). Everything worked flawlesly for hours. I really dont like using the decks this way though as I have thousands of tunes in my library and I just find it clumbersome. Thats leading me to believe its not dodgy ethernet ports on the hardware though (something I was leaning toward).

The fact I have replaced all the ethernet devices (switch and cables) and the problem is still occuring then made me look at my mac. So rather than get into 100% geek mode trying to iscolate the issue I thought it wise to see if it worked on my daughters mac, and despite it being a newer mac without hardly anything on it (hers is a Macbook Air from 2020 - M1 cpu) exactly the same issue occured - EMERGENCY LOOP E:8309. She did have the firewall on so I turned that off first as I have read that is often the issue.

Here are my laptop specs:

MBP 16inch 2019

Intel i9 16GB Ram

macOS Catalina 10.15.7

Daughters MBA

Macbook air 2020 M1 8GB ram

Monterey v12.1

Any help or guidance would be appreciated, really tried self helping before coming in here with cap in hand but hopefully someone has had a similar issue and can remember what they did to fix it?

Many thanks,





Melvin Gauld

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Sounds most likely to be a software issue, but neither of those players have an ethernet port ... what is the adapter you're using?

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Pulse do you mean neither of the Macs have an ethernet port because the players certainly do. 

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Yes; computers... the players most certainly do.

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