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connecting XDJ-XZ to RMX-1000 via external mixer

Hello everyone,

I need help... I am really a noob when it comes to wireing... OK so i bought an RMX-1000 for my XDJ-XZ and i cant get it to work on my booth monitors and my headphones... There is no way to use the SEND and RETURN function because the XDJ-XZ does not have a RETURN. So obviously i connected the MASTER OUT of my controller to INPUT of the RMX and than the OUTPUT of the RMX with my speakers.

As i said i am a noob when it comes to wireing but is it possible to run an external mixer like for example a Mackie 1404 VLZ4 and connect the OUTPUT of the RMX to one of the chanels on the extarnal mixer? Than i could plug in the booth monitors and my headphones into the external mixer and could hear the effects of the RMX right? Or is it even possible to hook up the RMX wia SEND and RETURN to the external mixer (AUX SEND + AUX RETURN) while running the XDJ-XZ again on one chanel of the external mixer?

I hope someone can answer this because i am going to play in a club in a few month and i really need the booth speakers and my headphones with the effects of the RMX...

thank you for your time in advance :)

Johanna Joy

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