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RX3 Crash.. again

30 minutes into a set and the deck stops dead.

Tracks are 16bit 44.1k AIFFS from a Sandisk Extreme Pro formatted to HFS+. All buttons still work, no menu lag or anything, i can load up other tracks but they don't play. Play and cue buttons still light up / flash the way they should when pressed but no spinning graphic, no audio, no play movement on the screens. I can set Beat Loops tho! but no play. Ejecting USB and re-loading tracks was fine, but same result, loaded tracks wont play. Reboot and all is well again, but this is happening a bit too often now for my liking. How do i create a proper support ticket / bug report? At this point i'm contemplating selling / returning this and get something else.

Standalone mode (always, ive never hooked it up to a computer), latest firmware 1.12

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