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Pro DJ Link Lighting Clarification

Hey Guys,

Hoping to get some clarification on the Pro DJ Link Lighting setup as i can't find any information about it.

Is this only supported with the CDJ3000's atm and Rekordbox 6.x?

I have a full nxs2 setup, currently using version 5.8 and would be willing to move to v6 if it's compatible with the NXS2's. I havn't switched over to the RBDMX-1 yet as it was just too limited in what it could do.

Also does the RBDMX-1 support prisms on the moving heads or still doesn't support it as I know there were some issues with it working.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Chris T Respondida

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Only works with the CDJ-3000 at this time as no other unit is currently capable of transmitting phrase data over the ProDJ Link.

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I just tried it with a CDJ-2000nxs2 and can confirm the prolink lighting doesn't see the phrase.  The lighting does work just doesn't automatically change with the phrase.

If you use the RB software in performance mode it does work with any supported controller.

I know there are also direct DMX controls that you can set up to override values (which includes gobos, etc) but you have to do that in performance mode and map in the software. 

Hope this helps

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