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DJm S9 - MAster Out XLR doesnt work a few times.


When conected on certain sound boards , my xlr master out doesnt work.

When i conect the rca master out, at the same sound boars, its work.

After, When i conected the XLr master out on other sound board, or directly on the speakers, they work.

And when i connect the XLR master out of a DJM S7 on the same sound board as my S9 doesnt works, The S7 works.

Why its happen ?

Fabrício Garibaldi Rodriguez Respondida

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Check that you are connecting the XLR output from your DJM to a channel with a LINE input, not a mic, and definitely not a mic input with phantom power enabled as you can fry the output of your S9 ... so if you've ever accidentally done that, it's possible that is why your outputs are temperamental.

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