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Halftime/Double Time Beat Sync Not Working

I just upgraded from a DDJ-1000 to an XDJ-XZ, and was excited about learning to DJ without having to use a laptop. However, I ran into a major issue with beat sync that is really limiting what I can do with the XDJ-XZ. It doesn't seem to recognize halftime/doubletime BPMs, and will just double the BPM instead of syncing it to the nearest half. For instance, If I have a song at 77 and trying to sync it with a song at 160, the beat sync button will put the song from 77 to 160 instead of 77 to 80. I heavily relied on using beat sync to match BPMs and this is really throwing me off, as it is much more difficult to manually match the BPM with the slider bar. 

In Rekordbox on my laptop I have the "Allow BEAT/BPM sync with double/half BPM" box selected and am in BEAT SYNC mode, which allows for proper BPM sync when using my laptop. However, this setting doesn't seem to apply when I'm using the XDJ as a standalone, and only fixes the problem when I'm using Rekordbox via my laptop.

I would really love any sort of help to solve this issue, as I just spent a lot of money on this and I'm feeling very frustrated that I can't get such a simple feature to work right. Thanks.

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The XDJ does not support 2x / 1/2x sync in stand-alone mode, sorry!

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