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Rekordbox wont load tracks/videos

I'll keep this short. I had my external hard drive with all songs and videos loaded and analyzed on Rekordbox. I exited Recordbox program, disconnected hard drive (proper unmount by clicking the option to unmount, and turned off laptop...turned laptop on re-connected hard drive started reckordbox. track loading error the file was not able to be found....anyone?????????

This happened on an Apple Macbook Pro M1 with Rekordbox 6.6.4.  I now have 28,000 tracks and videos that wont load up.  And I was playing them just last night, and the only thing ive done is unmount the external drives (affter shutting down Rekordbox).

It's gonna take me weeks to get everything back now.  What the hell caused this?

DJ Kevin Rise

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Do you have the database stored on the external drive?

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