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DDJ 1000 - Jog nudging/Wheeling Stop Playing the Track, non of the Buttons work after that

This Happens on my "Right side deck" (Deck 02) DDJ1000
* when I play a track and when I try to adjust (+/-) the track using jog wheel suddenly the track will pause ( like I'm holding the platter )
* but when I try to push play button or the loop or cute points, the track doesn't continue.
* but when I push the forward button (Search >>) it will start to play from that forwarded position, but when I try to get back to the Loop the track will stop.

--> to avid this I used to shift to Deck (04)
for some time it works fine but, it also get same issue if I touch jog wheel, not usually as Deck 02

Demo: https://streamable.com/2lmtg4

Just need to know if this is a Software issue or the hardware problem. and any reference to overcome from this issue.

Using: Windows 10
RekordBox Version 5.8.4
Firmware 1.12
Driver 1.11 


Harsha Mendis

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Hey @Harsha > I would suggest there may be a MIDI mapping issue since it doesn't happen on DECK 4 as well (which would indicate a hardware problem); open the MIDI panel and click the DEFAULTS button to restore everything.

Failing that, try installing rekordbox 6 and see if the problem persists.

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