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DJM-850 Driver 4.0.1 - MacOS Monterey - no system extension

hello dear coomunity,

i have trouble getting things to work on my DVS system.

I run MacOS Monterey (latest update) on a intel Macbook Pro with a DJM-850. I use this system for years now and every driver update or os update was ever a problem getting things to run. Usually in such cases I get on startup in Traktor Pro 3 a notification, that my soundcard ist not connected. Then i install the new driver, get the "do you want to unblock the system extension?" alert, which i allow under systemsettings > security and after that everthing is fine.

Not this time.

I uninstalled - reboot - installed the driver serveral times. But i dont get the system extension alert and there is no allow button on the security tab.

Okay but if the driver would work correct, i should see it under "disabled software" in the systeminformation app. - no there is not

I wiped the mac completely and did a fresh reinstall. - same error

Can anybody help?

thanks in advance


Florian Flamme

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