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Issues with Rekordbox and Mac / file locations

Until recently, I’ve had issues plugging into Denon systems with my Samsung USB. Before I found a solution, the only thing that worked was dragging and dropping songs onto the USB from my computer. I did that in May without copying songs from my computer, I moved a few hundred songs without stopping to copy them on the USB and I actually ended up moving song file locations.

Now, these songs only appear in Rekordbox as an active usable file only if I that USB is plugged into my computer. I’d prefer to have all my files and songs on my computer, backed up, but all available without having to use a dongle to plug in my USB to access all my files. To try and solve it, I first tried dragging and dropping the files from the usb back to my computer (trying to reverse my original mistake), but that did not work for some reason. Then I had to batch relocate all my files and those files would only be relocated when I had that USB plugged in. 


As I mentioned, Ideally, I’d like all my files on one device. I currently have all my files on a Mac folder on the desktop, but if any files ever move for any reason (this only happens on account of user error on my part but happens from time to time), this whole thing happens all over again.


Two questions - 

  1. How do I bring all my files back to my computer again if at all possible 
  2. Is there an easier more streamlined solution that I am not using? (not using Rekordbox pro, willing to pay to figure this problem out for good) Would it help if I migrated all my files to Mac Itunes?

    Open to any and all solutions that ensure this never happens again. Has happened a few times and I want peace of mind when it comes to organizing my music. Thank you! 


John Rynecki

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