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XDJ-RX3 missing 4th beat marker

Hiya, so I have come across a weird little bug and seen another post about it on a disocrd I am in but can not get to the bottom of it. 

On my RX3 for a lot of my tunes (can be Wav or MP3) it will not show the marker for the 4th beat like this:


In Rekordbox the tune is fully analysed and is fine and shows the markers correctly.



Tried clearing my USB and making a fresh synch but having no luck understanding or fixing this issue. Any thoughts or help will be greatly appreciated. 

Simon Hipsey Respondida

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Simon, What happens if you change the zoom level?

Which firmware version is on the RX3?


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1. Nothing happens on change of zoom level, still missing.

2. On firmware 1.12



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