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I just bought brand new DDJ 400 controller as well as the Pioneer dm-50d speakers and have been trying to get the controller to send the audio to the speakers but everything I try will not work. I've tried multiple computers (windows desktop and windows laptop). The audio on both computers work for everything like youtube for example, but when I get to rekordbox, audio is not coming out of my speakers. Plugged in the speakers to my pc and youtube worked with them but when they go back into the controller I can't hear anything. However, sound is recognized in rekordbox when I load tracks and can see the software recognizing certain buttons I push. This leads me to believe it is the controller that is the problem. I've tried different RCA cables to connect speakers to controller but still nothing. Also, with headphones connected to the controller I still can't hear anything. The controller looks like it works completely fine as it lights up and controls I push on the controller are recognized by rekordbox, but the audio is not working through the controller to any speakers, even my laptop built in speakers or my pc headphones. 

Arman Hamidi

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