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Are Gate Cues availble with XDJ-RX2? Alternative - Is there rapid hot cue cycling durring pause?

Trying to figure out if there is a way to implement gate cues on XDJ-RX2 when in standalone.

Gate Cues = hot cues that run when you hold, and stop when you let go.

I seem to be able to get it working when connected to my laptop in performance mode, but it doesn't work when it's just off my USBs. Is there any way to do this? Am I missing a setting? 

If there ISN'T gate cues for standalone XDJ-RX2...  does anyone know how to rapidly jump between hot cues during pause without having to set additional memory cues? 


Thank you :) 

Liam Roy

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Hi Liam,

Unfortunately no, only the XDJ-RX3 has gated hot cues. It's the first and only model (so far) to feature this function, and there is no way it will be added in any updates to other products either. Sorry!

Also no, there's no method to jump between hot cues without them playing, but if you set overlapping memory cues, you can achieve the same thing.

As for the rapid hot cue, did you disable vinyl mode?

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