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Problem with Rekordbox Pro Link on my XDJ-XZ

Hi guys,

got a big problem using the pro link function with my XZ. Owning the controller for 2 years now, never ever experienced problems using the link function. 

This afternoon i played at location A, everything worked. I take my stuff together and move over to location B, set it up again and now my pro link doesnt work correctly anymore??


Instead of seeing my 2 decks in rekordbox, i only see my mixer? never ever had this problem and i really dont know what i did wrong. didnt change the settings, my rekordbox, my laptop, nothing... i only cleaned my controller with a dry towel to get rid of some dust. Cant believe i touched a button or something that changed my pro link function. 


help me out guys! i'm a huge fan of pro link :)

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Hi All,
I'm having the same issue

For some unknown reason, I can't connect rekordbox in export mode.
I've tried restarting, shutting down and reinstalling the drivers.
I've also tried a windows laptop just in case it was my Mac and it still does the same thing.
Plug in a usb or ethernet cable shows link press link and it doesn't display the deck symbols.
However it works fine in performance mode, but as mentioned previously I prefer export mode.
I've attached a video to explain more.
I have included a link of me trying to explain the issue.

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