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CDJ-3000 Audio Stops but comes back / Track Jumping / Emergency Loop

Hi All,

Posting this here just to see if any others have come across or noticed this issue and maybe just brushed over it rather than make a 'fuss' - though let's be clear, there's an issue here by no knowingly fault of our own :)....

We have issues with our CDJ 3000's which are in constant use on a radio station and any one of the issues listed below can occur a few times a week but on some days can happen multiple times, very random. They are connected to the DJM-V10 mixer via digital audio and all using Pro DJ LINK.

The issues which I believe are all related / connected in some way are:

1) Audio stops but the deck keeps playing - the audio then comes back.
2) Audio jumping to a different part of the track for X seconds then goes back to where it was.
3) Audio stops (track keeps playing) and then 10 seconds (Seems to be exactly 10 seconds - magic number?) later goes into emergency loop.

Note that these issues occur when the media is USB OR rekordbox via LINK.

What we have tried so far:
- Moved LINK to a dedicated separated network - new dedicated switch + NIC now in use.
- Tested particular tracks - the issue is not track or format specific and happens seemingly at random.
- The CDJ 3000 which seemed to experience the issue the 'most' was replaced with a new unit - issue still happens!
- Changed the 3000's to XDJ's - issue didn't happen.
- Changed to analog between the 3000's and mixer.
- Reverted firmware back to v1.22 from 2.02

We do have a support case opened with Pioneer (358743) and this is progressing (albeit slowly) - but wanted to flag the issue on the forum to see if anyone else has experienced this, even if it was just a one off?

I'm suspecting there's a bug somewhere with some buffering or something.

Either there's something very unique about our setup or others are having this issue with the same setup / configuration but not being noisy about it.

Finally - the impression we have been given by the firmware details is that the CDJ 3000 will load the complete track into memory - it seems like this is ONLY useful if the track is loaded from USB and the USB device get's 'pulled' - for example, if track is loaded on Deck A but USB is in Deck B, pulling the network cable from Deck B will cause the track to stop playing. The same happens if using rekordbox - load a track into a deck and pull the network cable from the rekordbox computer, the track will stop. Seems like a pretty limited feature to advertise about given that it's only useful in very specific circumstances!

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Please continue the conversation with our support team - I see your ticket has our product engineers on it, so they're best equipped to resolve this with you. Thanks!

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I have the same issue with the CDJ's in our club. The audio stops but the deck keeps playing, and then the audio comes back. It happens randomly, at least one time per night. With different CDJs, different usb drives, different audio formats. You never know when and why happens. This issue started with the current update.

Also, we use 3 CDJ-3000 and a V10-LF

Or maybe the problem is with the mixer?

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