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DDJ SX3 fader assign only works in "thru"

My pioneer ddj sx3 recently started having the issue where the audio will only come out if i have the fader assignment as "thru". "a" and "b" don't work, after reading that it might be a crossfader issue, I installed a new crossfader (innofader plus) but still am having the same issue. My laptop is a macbook running on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 and I am using Serato Pro. This issue has never occured in the past and the rest of the controller and software seem to be working just fine. 

nico sidhu

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Have you updated the firmware and are you using the newest version of Serato?  I also have to point out that you are using an old version of IOS with 10.13.6, so the support isn't there and I wonder if a glitch was fixed in a newer IOS.

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