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Problem rekordbox 5.8.5 error title track

good evening, today I noticed by chance, that tracks loaded on USB via rekorbox have the wrong titles (it's as if RB confuses the titles with other songs always present in the playlist) the strange thing is that by checking this problem in the rekorbox playlist you don't notice. it seems that the title problem is only on the USB playlists and not on the Rekordbox ones. obviously I synchronized the USB but the problem persists. I tried to delete the playlist from the USB and to re-synchronize it (since in RB the titles are right anyway) but the problem arose again. only after a few attempts to delete and re-synchronize the playlist does the problem seem to be solved. MP3 file. Thanks
Alessandro Campodonico

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I would suggest you format the USB drive, give it a new name, then re-export.

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