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Rekordbox and Xone K2

I am trying to use Xone k2 as a midi for rekordbox 6 but the midi isn't getting enabled on rekordbox when i connect the k2 to my macbook. 

Is rekordbox not detecting the k2  or  what can be the problem?

Does it have something to do with my macbook C type ports ? i am using a usb to C type converter/adapter. 

Suvam Agl Respondida

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Hey Suvam,

In order to use 3rd party MIDI devices with rekordbox 6 you'll need to have another device that acts as a hardware-unlock, or pay for the Core or Creative plan.

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Hi Pioneer,

I have a question regarding the need for the Core or Creative plan when using a Xone:K2. Does this also go for rekordbox 5 with bought performance mode?

Kind regards

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