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problems with the interface 2

hi i have a qyestion i bought a interface 2 pioneer with vinyl last week but also have a pioneer dj ddj 400 ifi i start the program it doestn seem to find my interface 2  its connected with my pioneer dj ddj 40   when i go to my page it immediatly goes through my plan why pay for that if i already did , and another question i have it connnected the interface 2 through my allen & heath xone 23 and stanton turntables when i calibrate it says error when i do it manual its getting a fuzzy circle i can play a track but its distorted and the sound from the gain mixer allen & heath is in red while the volume is in half can someone help me please , 

arnaud schoolaert

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hello, are you still having these issues with Interface 2?
What is the version of your Rekordbox?

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