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PLX 500 Left audio channel

Hey there,

I recently had some issues on the left channel of my PLX 500, it plays a distorted sound/noise when I play my records. I use a Pioneer A-10-K amplifier. Everything works just fine on this amplifier: CD deck, cassette deck, laptop and other vinyl players. So the problem is not the amplifier, cables nor speakers. I gave my PLX 500 to a repair service but they told me there wasn't any problem and that they couldn't find anything.

Does anyone know what the issue might be?

Thanks in advance!


Thomas Camps

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Sidenote: I already replaced my needle with a new original PNX-05 needle with no result of improvement.

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Hey Thomas,

Sorry about that -- let's try some basic troubleshooting...

If you switch the L/R RCA cables at the A-10-K amplifier end, does the issue change sides? If so, the problem is somewhere south of the input, otherwise the problem is the phono input on the amp.

If it's on the turntable, please try disconnecting the headshell and reconnect it. Sometimes that's all that's required, but you may also try checking the cartridge wiring itself to ensure it's properly connected to the headshell, as that's a common failure point also.

If everything there looks okay, have you checked the USB output to see if that's working as expected?

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