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DDJSB3 Common issue

Ok! So, id been seeing this a lot lately, and the response always the same... Like if neither Serato or Pioneer would ever take responsability of the issue...

I bought my DDJSB3 2 years ago, and sent it to different people to fix it (official pioneer and not)... Since i bought it, it was HELL! I stopped enjoying being a DJ since i bought this equipment, cause it would STOP playing music just because in the middle of the gig, and i had to disconnect everything and connect it again.

A couple months ago, i realized some other SB3 uses been having a similar issue so i started reading about what they experienced and finally, found out the issue is with the FX Button... Everytime i play, in some moment, when i activate the FX buttons it will make a crash on everything, how do i know is not the computer?... I bought 3 different computers (Windows and Mac) and it happens on all of those. Last saturday i tried doing a set, by turning the FX on straight from the computer, and it worked marvelous... But when i accidentaly turned it off, and tried to turn it on again from the Controller, it CRASH...

So i want to know if is there somebody who can take responsability of it, cause i spent my money on  product that should be a quality one... What can now Pioneer do to help me fix my problem?

Luciano Sola

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Good Luck.  Pioneer will not help at all. Period.  The SB3 has been discontinued and I know of some DJs who love it and never had any issues, and then there are some who's broke down after one year use (including me). Pioneer says that it could be the computer, but that's BS because I've used my laptop with the Kontrol S2 Mk1 and NO Issues at all.  Its a PIONEER issue, production issue.  Time to look at a different controller.

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