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Edit Mode - Insert samples or beats from other tracks

I've done alot of searching and cannot find a way to fix some of my tracks. Some tracks have the next track's few beats at the end. I can easily delete those in Edit mode but I want to be able to Copy them, save them to the pallete or save them as a loop and then insert into the next track so the song is complete. It appears you can only use beats from within the 1 track.

I can only assume this isnt possible but it would be a great feature. Not only could you fix tracks but make pre-prepare own mashups easily.

Pat Sollom Respondida

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Hey Pat,

From the outset of Edit Mode, we expected that this was something we'd see coming in a future update. We don't currently have any information on the if/when of such a change, but it is something our planning teams are aware of the customer interest.

Thanks for your feedback.

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