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Track Rating & MyTag Keyboard Shortcuts

Would be really nice to have Keyboard shortcuts available to modify a tracks rating. Was suggested by someone else on this forum a few years back but still no action so I'm bringing it up again.

I'm DJing on stream with rekordbox in export link mode and would love to slowly improve the quality of my collections metadata as I do so. But to do that reliably I need to be able perform all the actions without the need for a mouse.

While we're on the subject, keyboard shortcuts for assigning MyTag tags would also be of great help. 

Grant Derepas

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Second Keyboard Shortcuts for quick Metadata editing, Ratings, Energy.

I have this set up in Foobar2000 and with a couple of Key Strokes the playing track gets a Star Rating and an Energy Rating.

Even been toying with the idea of setting up Voice Commands with Third Party software so i can be listening on my Bluetooth Headphones and just say a couple of commands into the Mic on them and have the Metadata added that way :)

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