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CDJ 3000/DJM-900 nxs Recording?

I don't understand why I can't record a set directly into a plugged in thumb drive, or connected hard drive?

Am I missing something with the CDJ 3000? or DJM 900nxs? Why isn't there a big red record button on these $2k+ devices for this???

What are some of the ways you guys are recording your sets on these things?

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Several options...

1) Use the DJM-REC app on your iOS device to record/stream.
2) Connect to an external recorder.
3) Connect via USB to a computer to record/stream.

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As you want to record your mix of course, the recording would have to be done on the mixer, not on the CDJs.

From the proposed solution, #1 is the best, however it is only available for iOS (WHY?).

Solution #2 and #3 are inacceptable IMHO, because target use for this setup is standalone playing, without laptop or other devices.

Of course it is a shame that the flagship mixer (900NXS2) isn't able to do it, although the all-in-one XDJ-XZ is capable to record.

But I guess it is because of design that the mixer can only work as an USB *device* (e.g. sound card), not as a *host* (e.g. computer). The latter would be required for being able to write to an USB drive.

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The DJM-REC app has only been provided for iOS thus far due to the complexity in developing a similar app for Android. We understand that there is a demand for it however I don't have any information on availability or timeline.

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