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Apple Silicon M1 Support / new icon for Big Sur

Any news on M1 support? The Rosetta emulation works fine on my Macbook Air and track analyzing works mindblowingly fast compared to my "old" Intel Macbook Pro 2020, but it still crashes at some point and uses way too much RAM. Maybe you could also update the app icon for Big Sur too, so it doesn't  look like an odd outlier. The iOS icons are already the perfect template for that...

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I think the question is does Rekordbox have "native" M1 support though? He understand that there is emulation using Rosetta and answer is kind of "meh, as long as it works".

Compared to Serato and Virtual DJ which are fully M1 compiled software, my MacBook M1 battery discharges faster and sluggish when using Rekordbox. It feels like using the other two software on an Intel MacBook (2018 i7 16GB) Pro. I have no problem with drivers at all, just we hope to have maximum performance on our setup.

Once the new M-silicon 16inch Macbook is released, you know that a lot of people will replace the Intel computers.

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