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Improve own tags (rightside)

I would like to suggest an improvement for own tags in the rekordbox, I really like this feature and I actively use it, but it would be convenient if the tags were shown in the browser in a slightly different way.

A good solution would be to make separate columns for each of the 4 sections in the browser, because if we mark many parameters, we get very long rows

In this way:

This would improve the readability of the marked parameters, as well as the ability to edit directly from the browser.

+ add the ability to edit personal tags directly in the browser
Also, each section can be given a separate color for better readability


PS:I would also want to note that something strange is happening with your forum, accounts for the forum stop working on it, please check your forum for the presence of an inconspicuous person who does this

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Thanks for your suggestion.

Regarding the forums, the issue is our SSO and your browser; you need to ensure that you've allowed cookies from 3rd party websites / cross domain content. If not, PioneerDJ.com can't set the cookies from Gigya.com (our single-sign-on provider), thus the issues.

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