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It is so sad to see that a lot of people don't use this app, and are bad rating the app on the appstore just for these reasons :

- No Rekordbox cloud access to your files

- No Deezer, Spotify or even Youtube music implementation

- No USB key access via "files"

I really hope that some of these features comes in the next updates...!!

Every other aspects of the app are great really...! :)


J-d Wesh

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Good suggestion!

I would like them to completely switch to the rekordbox of the new version for iOS and android, and in the future it can be added to any pioneer controllers up to 1000$, it is almost ready for mixing.

This would be a cheaper version of the standalone controller, I'm sure many DJs would like it if they could attach a phone to their DDJ 400/800/1000, attach it to the top, and play offline from the phone's battery. This would be suitable for daily practice at home sitting on the couch, or for a small party at home, for friends or a bar.

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