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I bought my djm-s9 around 6-8 months ago, I've consistently had a problem with audio output stopping mid set. I'll be playing and the audio just stops like the usb has disconnected from my laptop.

I've upgraded my usb cables to UDG cables with ferrite chokes. I always turn off wifi and bluetooth when playing. I am playing from an external hard drive which I've upgraded the usb connection cable on to a good quality one.

The problem happens on both USB A & B ports. Firmware is up to date and I'm using the latest version of serato dj.

The Laptop is an macbook air with apple m1 chip.

The problem is easily rectified by turning the mixer off and on again with the rear power switch but it really is an issue for public performance and a full dancefloor it's happening nearly every gig at least 1-4 times over a 4 or 5 hour period.

Any ideas what the issue could be?

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Thanks! just updated the driver hopefully that will sort the issue out

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