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Hey everyone

I've been having issues with XDJ 1000 and CDJ 2000NXS2.

I have 1TB SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD, after formatting it to FAT32 and analyzing couple of tracks on rekordbox, I put it on these decks and after, "Format USB" message pops up, but it works completely fine with CDJ 3000.

But, whenever I format it to Mac OS Extended (Journaled), it works on every device.

I would've keep that format, but I use SSD on both MacOS and Windows platforms, that's why I need to keep FAT32 format.

If anyone had this kind of issue and solved it, please help me.

Thank you.


David Petrosyan Respondida

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Pioneer DJ does not guarantee 100% compatibility with any USB drive. Functionality of one drive does not guarantee functionality of another identical make / model drive. Manufacturers are known to change the memory controller chip per availability or cost, and as a result, there is always a chance that a drive may not be compatible with the player host chipset. Recommendations or the results of another user may not be the same for you and your drive.

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Hi David, 


I have been occuring same problem. Last weekend I was playing from my USB Sandisk 16gb Ultra Flair 3.0  on XDJ - RX2 and everything was going perfectly. 

Unfortunately this weekend I should play on festival and the organizer had there CDJ-2000-NXS2 and when I put inside the same USB which was perfectly working last weekend on XDJ-RX2, suddenly the both decks showed FORMAT USB and I could not play from it. I have got the second USB with me as backup and the same problem occured. The format of both usb´s is FAT32 and as I said before last weekend everything worked perfectly on different pioneer. 


I would like to stay with FAT32 as well because I use even MacOS and Windows as well as you David.  

So I am curious about this issue as well. Thank you very much for solving this problem. 


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