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Audio Driver Issues DDJ 800

I've had trouble ever since I got my new computer with the audio driver. Typically in the past when the audio driver wasn't working it would mean that there was no audio coming out of the speakers or through the decks. 

Now when i download the audio driver the sound is working just fine. The audio output is set to DDJ 800. My issue is inside the jog wheels. The display shows no audio driver and therefore none of the track information as well. 

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the most up to date audio driver multiple times to no avail. Does anybody know how to resolve this issue once and for all? I have monterey 12.5, the most up to date recordbox software, and the most up to date audio driver. PLEASE HELP


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The DDJ-800 doesn't actually require audio drivers on Mac, the driver is for the displays. If you have a message that says "NO AUDIO DRIVER," simply launch the DDJ-800 Driver Version Display Utility app and that will go away.

Chances are the background launcher just isn't running.

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