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DDJ-SB2 - Serato not even starting, no reply AT ALL from Serato on tickets


I have a 12th gen Intel Core i3-12100 cpu, 16gb ram, RTX2060 machine and Serato hangs on startup. I have the full license of Serato DJ and I own a Pioneer DDJ-SB2. I upgraded my PC in June. Prior to the upgrade, I had a Core i7 4771/16gb ddr3 machine without issues.

I know this is a mainly Pioneer DJ gear orientated forum, but I get NO reply from Serato (sent multiple tickets since June) to resolve this issue.

I've tried the last 19 (!!) versions of Serato, none of them work.
They ALL hang on startup (I tried ALL possible solutions in the past 2,5 months from the entire internet). When I start Serato, the monitor turns black and a blue circle just spins and spins and spins. When I click the screen, it crashes and I have to force close it.

Can someone help me out ? I'm game for a new upgrade in October, but I really don't want to get another machine with older cpu specs.
I suspect that Serato (and probably my gear) doesn't work on the 12th gen Intel cpu's.

I just need confirmation on this from a Pioneer DJ rep.

Thanks in advance.

I was on Windows 11 Pro and had these issues.
I first thought it was due to W11, so I installed a fresh W10 Pro today and faced exactly the same issues.
My system is completely up to date.

Youri HL

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Hang tight, I've reached out to our friends at Serato for help.

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Hello Pulse, I hope they will reply to me then.
It's driving me nuts. Thanks for replying.

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