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CDJ2000NXS2 Loop reverse problem.

I've found a bug where a loop bigger than 32 will not loop back in reverse OR backspin properly. It will glitch for a moment, show the needle at around the mark where normally a 32 beat loop would be. After pausing breefly it will keep going backwards from the actual end  of the loop to continue the reverse operation. But this issue will cause it to miss at least a whole beat and be out of sync with anything else playing while not playing audio.

This does NOT happen when setting a loop bigger than 32 using 'in' and 'out', only when doubling from a 32 beat loop using the CUE/LOOP call buttons (memory cue selector arrows).

Using a Sandisk Extreme Pro btw. 

I made a vid showing the problem: https://youtu.be/oRbPpEmxpwM



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