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Traffic Light not working at all

Hello, I've searched all forums to try and resolve this issue but no luck. I can not get traffic light function to work. Using performance Mode, tried selecting 'MASTER" deck 1, 2 etc.. Turning it off and on as some people suggested.. viewing in collection not playlists as some people suggested... still no luck.

I'm able to select the tracks and turn the function on, but no tracks light up. Even ones with identical BPMs and keys. 

I've just recently updated my RB, using 6.6.4. Didn't work on the previous version either. 

Any help would be very appreciated, thanks!  

Eoin Killeen

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What is your setting in the preferences:

Does it change if you toggle it to DECK 1 instead of MASTER?

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Hi, here are my settings. It makes no difference to select Deck 1, Deck 2 etc

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