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DJM 450 - No recording signal in either Audacity or Traktor


I'm hoping someone can help as I no longer get a recording signal in either audacity or traktor from my DJM 450 using my macbook air. 

I have had the mixer for over 12 months and it has been working fine all of this time but now no longer records.

Both audacity and traktor see the DJM 450 and I can use it to control sound in traktor but when I go to record it just flatlines in audacity and records silence in traktor.

I updated the software on my macbook to Monterey and updated the drivers for the DJM 450 too but it still isn't working. The mixer has the latest firmware version 1.06 on it.

Both apps are setup correctly to use the microphone is system settings -> security.

Not sure what has happened but I have tried everything I can think off but just can't resolve it.

If anyone can help it would be very much appreciated.




David Hudson

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