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Headphones of DDJ-400 don't work


I just bought a second hand DDJ-400 of a friend of mine but I can't make it to get music from my headphones. The audio worked on his laptop so I guess it something regarding my laptop or settings.I have a windows laptop and I can't find the DDJ-400 in my audio output setting. I've tried a lot but I can't find it. What do I have to do? I heard something about drivers but which driver then and how/where can I find this?

Thank you!

Koen Smits

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It doesn't look like you have the DDJ-400 selected as your audio device, so that's no surprise the audio isn't being output to the headphones connected to the DDJ-400.

There are no drivers required for the DDJ-400.

Check and make sure that Windows doesn't have the DDJ selected as the computer's default audio output device.

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