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General lack of products - Supply Chain Issues

My DJM900-NXS2 has a broken DWX3720. Apparently this simple circuit board has been out of stock since 2021. I went to look for back-up DJM-900NXS I could use until mine is repaired, every store out of stock.  Looked for a back-up DJM-V10-LF. Everyone is out of stock.  When can we start expecting mixers to be available again? When can we expect components for repairs to be available?

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Unfortunately there are a number of factors working against us for stock levels, including global silicon shortages for chip manufacturing from our suppliers (both processing and DACs), parts delays due to a factory fire in 2020 in Japan, production halted at factories from repeated COVID shutdowns, shipping delays due to container shortages, delivery issues thanks to a lack of truckers and backups at the ports, and high demand on products with very little stock … as such our estimated delivery dates and quantities keep changing. Your best bet is to either place a reservation or deposit, and the retailer can give you a better idea of the availability.

 Thank you for your understanding.

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